World’s most talented duck can play piano, ring bell and jump through owner’s arms

A duck which can play the piano and perform tricks on command is in the running for a Guinness World Record.

Echo, a Khaki Campbell duck, has been taught 30 different tricks by owner Joe Nutkins, 42.

She can play football with her beak, ring a bell and jump through her owner’s arms on command.

Echo is now waiting to be officially crowned the world’s most talented duck after performing 11 tricks in one minute.

Dog trainer Joe taught the duck alongside his Norwich Terriers Ripley, 3, and Merlin, 10.

Joe, from Harwich, Essex, said: “It’s not necessarily harder to train a duck. You just need to adapt to her.

“For example, when she rings the bell she uses her beak, whereas dogs use their paw.

“I keep the sessions short for Echo. Ducks poo a huge amount so if she’s training in the house then after about 10 minutes she will need to go to the loo.

“So I let her outside to make sure it’s not too messy when we train.”

Echo was hatched in an incubator at Joe’s home.

He rewards her with treats when she completes a successful trick and her favourite snacks are blueberries, sweetcorn and peas.

Her record attempt took place in September and has been formally submitted for consideration by Guinness.

The 11 tricks that Echo performed for her world record attempt were:

  • Twist in one direction
  • Spin in one direction
  • Play the piano
  • Ring the bell
  • Beak targeting
  • Jump through arms
  • Peak-a-boo (run through legs)
  • Circle leg (guided run through legs)
  • Walk around trainer – Hide your face (head in cone)
  • Push a ball